RESOURCES: Understanding the Walmart Scorecard Webinar Slides Now Available

Looking for a copy of the “Understanding the Walmart Scorecard” Webinar slides presented by Jennifer Woofter this past October? 

If you were able to join us for this free webinar, we hope that you found the presentation useful and that it helped to kick start some brainstorming around next steps to confidently assess how you would score on the Walmart scorecard, as well as some of the top ways to improve.  (A special thank you goes out to Industry Intelligence for hosting as well!)  If not, no worries, we are happy to share the slides that our now available in our resources section.  Using these slides, Jennifer shared her insight into how Walmart is using sustainability to drive supplier performance.  Jennifer explored commonly asked questions, including:

  • What are Walmart's sustainability expectations for suppliers?
  • What specific environmental and social elements must suppliers have in place to score well?
  • What are the easiest ways to improve your score?
  • What does the future hold for the Walmart Supplier Sustainability Scorecard?

You might also want to join our mailing list so you don’t miss out on our future webinars!  You may have already seen in our past blog entry that our next free webinar on Managing and Reporting Sustainability Metrics is today at 2:00 PM ET.  To register, visit Industry Intelligence’s event information page.

Careers in sustainability today mean staying abreast of new changes, expectations from clients, and how to continue to create a clear path and direction to guide your clients or your organization.  Although we focus primarily on the Walmart scorecard in these slides, it’s important to keep in mind trends such as these in order to successfully navigate them as similar approaches continue to develop.  How do you see similar scorecards in the industry today?  Are your clients or organization under more pressure to measure sustainability now than a few years ago?  How so?  Are there enough resources to navigate these developments or too many opinions and differing standards that it’s overwhelming? 

One of the key wrap-up points during the scorecard webinar was to start leveraging the many resources out there to help: from choosing sustainability software, to sustainability reports, to life cycle analysis, to hiring a sustainability consultant.  Don’t forget, we have a wealth of resources on our website to get you started and our “library” is constantly growing!