ANALYSIS: Translating Sustainability Webinar

We recently attended “Translating Sustainability: Investors & Chief Financial Officers” webinar, hosted by 2degrees that explored how a sustainability team can translate their goals and projects for their Chief Financial Officers, as well as their investors.  AJ Goodman, Vice President of Strategic Communications for FTI Consulting, presented a lot of great food for thought related to developing your sustainability approach through three primary steps:  Discover & Analyze, Create, and Program Development. 

One of the most impactful pieces of the presentation were the three core recommendations related to developing and implementing a comprehensive, measurable strategy that communicates the value of sustainability to your core stakeholders:

  • CREATE thought leadership positioning strategy through vehicles such as white papers, case studies, conference presentations, signature business initiatives.
  • DEVELOP materials including sustainability fact sheets, proof points, promotional materials, and FAQs.  Now you are ready to also develop your online reputation management strategy, including website development and enhancement as well as online video.  Developing your sustainability report is crucial in pushing out to these vehicles to show long-term commitment on your journey.
  • IMPLEMENT media relations, digital and social media relations, investor relations and communications, employee communications and engagement, stakeholder outreach and engagement.

You might be interested in taking a look at the 2degrees activities calendar for more on topics like this and more.  They also have a Managing Sustainability working group that hosts discussions related to the internal management of sustainability within your organization.  Keep your eyes open for a copy of the slides, along with other resources, that are shared in the working group.