NEWS: Strategic Sustainability Consulting Becomes a B Corporation

Remember our B Corporation blog entry in November, “What are B Corporations?”?  Well look no further.  SSC is now a certified member of the B Corp Community!

Certified B Corporations are corporations that use business to solve social and environmental issues by addressing two major issues:

  1. Corporate law that misaligns incentives between profits, employees, the community, and environmental well-being
  2. The lack of transparent standards differentiating good companies from good marketing, i.e. greenwashers

The B Corp network seeks to form a new sector in our economy, a sector of corporations that meet independent standards for social and environmental accountability. 

In order to become a B Corp, we had to pass the B Impact Rating System, demonstrate that our legal framework integrates our values throughout the company, and do the necessary paperwork

Now we’re part of the B Corp directory!  Check out our profile on the website to see our impact report.

Interested in becoming a B Corp like us?  Visit the Become a B Corporation page for the detailed process.