RESOURCES: Green Buildings

For the month of February, all of our Tuesday/Wednesday blogs will be along the lines of our theme, “Green Buildings”.  We’ve got an arsenal of resources that we’ll be linking to, so make sure to check back throughout the month!  Today we’ll kick off the series by revisiting the reasons we decided green buildings were important the first place: what’s the case for green buildings?  For this information we go right to the source, the U.S. Green Building Council.  So here it is:

  1. Green buildings are at a competitive advantage.  Low operating costs and better inside air quality are criteria that tenants look for.
  2. Green buildings can protect tenants from certain types of risk.  Third-party verification offers assurance that the building has gone above beyond the minimum legal standards.
  3. Green buildings attract tenants more quickly!  Typically, Green Buildings are left empty for less time than their energy-hogging neighbors.
  4. Building green is cost effective.  A 2% investment in design usually yields a 20% savings in construction costs.
  5. Green Buildings make more money!  A CoStar Study group found that LEED certified buildings command premiums of $11.33 per square foot in rent. 

There you have it.  Green Buildings are incredible.  Keep reading every Tuesday in February as we walk through design, retrofitting and more!