RESOURCES: Green Marketing and Communications

Last month, our Tuesday blogs revolved around a Green Building theme.  For the month of March, we’ll be focusing our Tuesday blogs on Green Marketing and Communications.   To get us started, we’ll give a general overview of the issues that arise with environmental communications as an introduction to how we see its importance.

One very common debate that arises during the assessment of companies, that employ green marketing tactics, is that of deciding which came first, the green initiative by internal forces in an effort to “do what’s right”, or the demand by customers for such initiatives (thus encouraging a green initiative as a means of remaining competitive).  The logic behind this concern is that if the initiative is customer driven, it might not be sincere, robust, or sustained, as it will ebb and flow based on the needs of the customer base. 

In actuality, most initiatives are likely a combination of internal motivation and external influence via customers and competitors.  Greening efforts expend significant resources, and unless they make tremendous sense from a mission or profitability perspective, they are likely the first things to go in times of belt-tightening. 

This month we’ll explore the certification of green products, marketing regulations, greenwashing vs. ecolabling and more.  Check in on Tuesdays this month for our weekly updates!

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