RESOURCES: Green Marketing and Communication - Ecolabels

Ecolabeling is one green marketing tool that can garner more authority than other self-verified claims.  Because ecolabels, particularly the most prominent, require a third-party verification process, they conjure less skepticism than other environmental claims.

In recent news, the USDA has launched a program certifying companies based on how much bio-based content their products and accompanying packaging contain.  Born out of the BioPreferred program, which focused on highlighting bio-based products for government purchasers, the new bio-based label should make it clearer for consumers to choose largely bio-based products, and clarifies content based on percentage.  To read the full story, see U.S Launches Official Label for Bio-based Products at

For a full directory of ecolabels, check out  They have a listing of over 377, which allows you to search by category.