Montgomery County Class Resources: Creating a Sustainability Plan

What does it mean to “Create a Sustainability Plan? Where does one start?  The Northwest Earth Institute provides a very simplistic approach to planning, implementing and evaluating the success of a sustainability plan. The approach includes:

  1. Asking the Right Questions (Strengths, Risks, Trends)
  2. Assessing (Conducting a Baseline or Initial Assessment)
  3. Shifting Attitudes and Thinking (Employee Buy-in, Stakeholder and Employee Training)
  4. Planning (Creating Short and Long Term Goals, Make a Timeline)
  5. Evaluating (Monitor and Evaluate – Track your Progress!)

While the Northwest Earth Institute provides a very theoretical background to addressing sustainability planning, a more practical example is PepsiCo and their sustainability endeavors. Green Biz article: PepsiCo Could Be 'Fossil Fuel Free' by 2023, highlights how PepsiCo assessed their impacts and created a step-by-step approach to accomplishing their goals.

PepsiCo has unveiled significant savings in water consumption, energy use and waste sent to landfill as it continues to make progress towards its goal of becoming one of the world's most sustainable businesses.”