RESOURCES: Green Marketing and Communication - Survey

Keeping in line with our March theme, we’ve issued a survey in attempts to investigate how sustainability consultants are communicating and networking with one another.  This is a “Green Communications” category unique to our field, as it doesn’t fall within marketing or employee communications directly, but is very important to consultancies’ and individual consultants’ ability to maintain relevant and effective. 

In an attempt to facilitate such discussions, we’ve connected sustainability consultants through building the SSC Consultant Network, and have continued to improve by offering a premium membership option and creating a LinkedIn Group.  In addition, we’ve joined the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). 

Now we want to know how you network and connect with other sustainability consulting professionals?  What do you find most valuable and what are your goals when reaching out?

Our short 10 minute survey collecting your answers to these questions will be live through March 25th.  Once we have the results we’ll share them with the participants. 

Please click here to fill it out.  We appreciate your participation and hope you’ll find the results helpful.