RESOURCES: ISSP Webinar Recording, Inside the Lives of Sustainability Professionals

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is a global association that serves professionals committed to making sustainability a standard practice among industries.  Its members are able to share resources, best practices, and professional development materials- all very useful for those of you looking for ways to green your offices.

One such resource was a virtual event held last week, featuring our very own founder and president, Jennifer Woofter, and Kathleen Shaver of Mattel’s CSR department.  The hour-long webinar recording discusses the professional challenges and opportunities of a sustainability consultant, as well as those of a CSR professional, working in-house at a large corporation.  It compares and contrasts these roles, particularly with regard to making a business case for sustainability (convincing others to invest), dealing with change management, and ensuring environmental compliance.

Click here for a free recording of the webcast.

Interested in learning more about becoming a sustainability consultant?  See a sneak-peak of Sustainability Consulting 101- Introduction to Sustainability Consulting, a 90-minute workshop designed to get you up to speed on the industry.