RESOURCES: Greening Your Office

Ready for some spring-cleaning?

April’s blog theme will be “Greening your Office”!  In addition to highlighting some of our own resources, we’ll be brining you fresh green inspiration for you and your employees. 

To kick us off, we’d like to highlight a white paper that has been available to our premium members for the last few weeks.  Sick Building Syndrome: When Good Air Goes Bad, discusses the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) resulting from poor air quality.  Poor air quality arises from a lack of building ventilation or ventilation that draws from already polluted air.  Additionally, SBS can be caused and exacerbated by harmful chemicals, namely volatile organic compounds found in manmade products heavily used in office settings (carpeting, paints, sealants, pressed-wood, etc.).

The white paper addresses all of the causes of SBS, along with the impact it has on employees, productivity, and the bottom line.  To read more about SBS and to learn its cures, keep an eye out for this white paper; we’ll be publishing it on our website in a few weeks!

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