NEWS: Sustainable Minds: Available Now – SM Release 2.0 is all about Data!

Sustainable Minds - Life Cycle Assessment Software.

As SSC focuses on LCA this month, we'd like to take the opportunity to shed some light on some LCA Software. Sustainable Minds is a comprehensive and standardized system that allows you to credibly estimate, evaluate, compare and track the life cycle environmental and human health performance of products – in the earliest stages of design. Easy to understand and use, and delivered as an on-demand, Web-based service, it is affordable for both small and large organizations.

Sustainable Minds recently released a 2.0 version of their Life Cycle Assessment Software. To read more about this, follow the link.

Use code SSC-GY010-zKQe to get 10% off an annual subscription and code SSC-PM010-goXf to get 10% off a monthly subscription.