RESOURCES: 3 Reasons Your Sustainability Pitch Is Failing

Jennifer Woofter, President of SSC, was recently asked if she would write a series of monthly articles for the Tornoto Sustainability Speaker Series.  Jennifer's first article, posted on May 15, discusses the reasons that your sustainability pitch is failing. 

Here's what Jennifer had to say: 

I frequently talk to people who are desperately trying to “sell” sustainability—and failing. Sometimes it’s a sustainability consultant that can’t drum up business even though their target customer seems to be a no-brainer. Other times it’s an employee trying to green the company from the inside.

In almost all of the cases, I can trace the cause of their failure to one or more of the following reasons. (And unfortunately, it’s often a combination of all three.) So the next time that you realize you’ve hit a wall in pushing for sustainability, ask yourself if you’re you’re making these mistakes.

The 3 reasons are:

  1. You’re pitching to the wrong person.
  2. Your pitch is too vague.
  3. You can’t identify an urgent need.

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