RESOURCES: School’s Out – Keep up the Learning Curve with SSC (and save $500!)

It was only a matter of time.  After a cool, rainy spring, Mother Nature announced the arrival of June with a not-so-subtle reminder that Washington, DC was built on a swamp.  We’re pretty green here at SSC, but as the wind turned south and served up a healthy portion of humidity soup on top of temperatures in the high 90s, even we cranked up the AC.

We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones with mixed feelings about increased energy consumption during the summer months.  If some of the world’s best sustainability experts think twice every time we turn on the AC, imagine the challenge of persuading your employees to do the same!

So this month’s blog posts will feature some of the many ways SSC can make your business and employees active members of the sustainability movement.  Encouraging your employees to recycle, shut off lights, close window blinds, and telecommute is a great start, but with a little help from SSC you can become a sustainability superstar. 

Having trouble figuring out how to get the ball rolling?  Check out SSC’s Green Auditor Certification program.  This online course will give you battle-tested innovative strategies and toolkits drawn from our world-class network of 630 sustainability professionals.  Or if you prefer, round up at least five of your coworkers and we’ll bring these invaluable insights to you in person!  And if you sign up in June, you can save $500 by entering the coupon code: SUMMERGAC0711. 

Click HERE for more information and to sign up!