RESOURCES: 3 Stupid Mistakes that Sustainability Job Seekers Make

Jennifer Woofter, President of SSC, writes monthly articles for the Tornoto Sustainability Speaker Series.  Jennifer's first article, posted on May 15, discusses the reasons that your sustainability pitch is failing. The second article, posted on June 14, discusses the reasons why she has stopped pitching the business case for sustainability and this months article features the stupid mistakes that job seekers make.

Here's what Jennifer had to say: 

In the course of running a boutique sustainability consulting firm, I get a lot of inquiries about jobs in sustainability. Some people want to know if I’m hiring, others want an informational interview to understand the sustainability job market in general, and yet others want to hear all about how I started my company in hopes that they will walk away with an idea of how to blaze an entrepreneurial trail through the industry.

After seeing the same blunders again and again and again, I thought it might be helpful to put together a short list of common mistakes that will blow your chances of getting a job in the sustainability profession.

The 3 Mistakes are:

  1. Leading with Your Passion
  2. Trying a Buckshot Approach
  3. Not Following Directions

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