WALMART SUPPLIERS: Did You Miss the CDP Deadline?

Sunday, July 31st was the deadline for Walmart suppliers to submit their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) information.  As you probably know, the CDP obliges companies throughout Walmart’s supply chain to report on climate change-related information such as greenhouse gas emissions, emission reduction targets, and climate change strategy.  Want to keep doing business with the world’s largest retail chain?  Participate in the CDP. 

If you’re a Walmart supplier and you missed the deadline (or if you have no idea what we’re talking about!), then pick up the phone and give us a call.  We’ll be happy to tell you all about it.  We promise not to scold you for missing the deadline, or to point out that all of our clients had their information submitted to CDP by May 31st

Listen – this is what we do; there are myriad sustainability consulting firms out there, but SSC’s expertise is in large part catered specifically to you, the Walmart supplier.  In fact, we have a whole page on our website dedicated to sustainability consulting for Walmart suppliers.    

We’ll make sure you don’t miss next year’s deadline, show you how you can improve your stakeholder relations via sustainability strategy, and improve your triple bottom line.

Our phone number is 202-470-3248.  Call us. 

By the way…if you’re curious or just want a quick read, here’s a nifty NYT article that highlights Walmart’s sustainability initiatives.