PEOPLE: A Green Auditor’s Story…


Occasionally we come across a person who reminds us why we not only provide world-class consulting services, but also work hard to maintain invaluable yet affordable resources for people who want to make a difference from the ground up.  Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson) is one of those people. 

Michael’s story exemplifies one of the myriad paths towards a career in sustainability, and demonstrates how SSC can help you get there.  Michael grew up with wholesome southern sensibilities – he helped out on his grandparents’ produce farm and led an active life.  He didn’t know it then, but this upbringing planted in him the seed of sustainability early on. 

As an adult, Michael understood that it was his responsibility to “make the best use of the Earth’s precious wealth.”  Jobs came and went, and he promoted sustainability where he could.   But when his wife suggested that he make his own way in the field of sustainability, he took a leap and founded the New Orleans-based Green Innovations, LLC.   

Green Innovations’ mission is to provide “a medium where sustainability practices, conservation concepts, green events and lifestyles can be exchanged, promoted, and advertised.”  While his goals were noble, Michael quickly understood that, without much startup capital or a tangible product, Green Innovations wouldn’t be able to get off the ground.  

Without a product, Michael told us, it’s very difficult to put together publications and to fascinate Green Innovations’ followers and it’s even more impossible to have companies buy ad space in products that don’t exist.  So I needed a solution that helps establish Green Innovations in the industry.  The SSC Green Auditor Certification was the solution.

The training taught me how some of the basic principles of the green industry applies to small to mid-size businesses.  I learned how to engage businesses, perform preliminary scoping, and what information is needed to perform a carbon footprint calculation.  The training focuses a lot on interaction with the client, which I find very important because, in the fledging green industry, most people don’t know what they want, need, or how to meet their organizational plans to become sustainable.  I learned that, as a SSC Green Auditor, I’m not only there to provide a final report that explains an organization’s sustainable position, but also I’m able to provide workshops and coaching, and help my clients create Sustainability Action Plans.

I love the videos and the online platform that provided access to material and discussion forums.   To me, now that I’m a Certified SSC Green Auditor, I can make Green Innovations the synergistic green start-up company I envisioned it to be.

For more information on Michael and Green Innovations, check out LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and his blog.   

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