INTERVIEW: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sustainability Consulting

One of the greatest hurdles encountered by boutique consultants in any industry is convincing prospective clients to take you seriously.  Sure, a long client list can alleviate some of these concerns, but it can still seem impossible to convince people of your value as a consultant, given the myriad of competitors vying for every precious client.  

SSC founder and president Jennifer Woofter recently sat down with GroAction founder Luke Miller Callahan to talk about overcoming these challenges and more.  Check out the interview to get some unique insights into a broad range of topics – Jennifer discusses her firm’s inspiration, mission, and market approach, her personal views on the sustainability movement, and unexpected difficulties she’s encountered along the way.  She provides some tips on how to get started in sustainability consulting, recommends some useful tools out there designed specifically for consultants, and highlights the latest sustainability trends.  

GroAction enables and supports people, projects, and organizations that work to address environmental and ecological dangers through an honest, un-biased approach.  They believe that they can help create real change through actionable steps of all sizes.  The organization serves as a repository for eco-minded thinkers from around the world.  Their interviews, article submissions, and stories all serve to educate, inspire, and promote respect for the world around us.  They’re located in Davis, California.