ADVICE: How to Avoid a Project Interview Disaster

We get a lot of calls from Walmart suppliers who are thinking about sustainability for the first time. They aren’t sure what to look for in a sustainability consultant, what the scope of the project might be, or how much it should cost. In fact, they might not be that familiar with what a consulting project looks like in general. Most often, it’s up to us to lead the conversation.

That’s a lot of responsibility! Not only is our livelihood at stake, but a lousy conversation might make the person calling think, “Man – these sustainability folks are nuts! I’m going back to dumping carcinogens in the river.” Thankfully, Kristine Schoonmaker of has put together a list of 10 Things NOT To Do in a Project Interview.

The list explains common interview mistakes that you’ve seen a thousand times – showing up late, failing to make eye contact, not asking questions, forgetting to put on your clothes – and gets right to the meat and potatoes of what you should avoid.

We’ve taken this list to heart, and so should you.

By the way…before you get an interview, you need some experience and know-how. Our educational webinar series, Sustainability 101, 201, 301, and 401, might just give you the leg up that you’ve been looking for!