EVENT: Pssst … Free Webinar on the Walmart Scorecard and More!

Walmart uses a 15-question scorecard to judge its 100,000+ suppliers. Want to learn more about the scorecard, and how you can improve your sustainability rank with the world's largest retailer? We're presenting! 

In celebration of our September blog series dedicated to our Walmart suppliers out there, we will have a free webinar on “Understanding the Walmart Scorecard” next Thursday … that’s October 6, 2011 at 2:00 PM ET.  You don’t want to miss it, sign up today!  This is the perfect way to top off our series that has provided ideas, tips, and examples to help you navigate the world of Walmart sustainability. 

Jennifer Woofter, founder and president of Strategic Sustainability Consulting, will share her insight into how Walmart is using sustainability to drive supplier performance in this free webinar.  Jennifer will explore commonly asked questions, including: 

  • What are Walmart's sustainability expectations for suppliers?
  • What specific environmental and social elements must suppliers have in place to score well?
  • What are the easiest ways to improve your score?
  • What does the future hold for the Walmart Supplier Sustainability Scorecard?

Using a combination of presentation and discussion, Jennifer will lead participants through a practical analysis of their organization's sustainability performance.  Together, you will identify ways to strategically integrate environmental and social initiatives into your operations and decision-making process.  By the end of this event, you'll be able to confidently assess how you would score on the Walmart scorecard, as well as to list the 3-5 top ways to improve.

While you eagerly await next week’s webinar, you are always welcome to take a look at the section of our website devoted specifically to Walmart suppliers in the meantime!  Wait, you mean you haven't registered YET?!?  Well let’s get started!

SSC works with all kinds of companies, from thriving mid-sized businesses who want to use sustainability reporting to boost their momentum, to small, under-resourced organizations who want to be sustainable, but don’t know where to start (and if they do, they think a consultant is too expensive).  Really, no matter what your firm looks like, SSC can help.  We have the track record to prove it.