Companies with GREAT Sustainability Websites

Thinking about adding a sustainability section to your website? Need to revamp your company website to include a better discussion about your commitment to corporate social responsibility? Just want to be inspired by companies with great sustainability websites? You've come to the right place. Here's three of our favorite corporate sustainability websites, with our take on what makes them stand out from the crowd:

Coca-Cola – Citizenship

What we love: The page is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the company's website. It's easy to navigate by issue, so you can dive right into the areas that make you tick (water, packaging, community, etc.), but overall goals and performance are also given up front—making it easy to see the company's CSR priorities. It incorporates multimedia, with a series of videos easily accessible from the main page. Similarly, the most recent sustainability report is right smack in the middle—no searching down three levels to find a tiny reference to the document.

Patagonia – Environmentalism

What we love: The main page is simple, with a handful of key points to make. It doesn't overload the senses (see: PWC Sustainability for an example of something that makes our heads spin with too much information to absorb at once). Patagonia breaks down the company's sustainability initiatives into meaningful categories (product impact, how consumers can get involved, key issues, etc.), and the Patagonia Footprint Chronicles is just plain awesome.

Rabobank – Sustainability

What we love: While a little more staid than the previous examples, Rabobank does an excellent job of helping the reader quickly understand the company's sustainability priorities. It breaks down topics into "themes, policies, ethical issues, and facts & figures," backing up its narrative with numbers charting progress against sustainability KPIs. It's not flashy, but it gets the job done.

Do you have other suggestions for companies with great sustainability sections of their website? We'd love to hear them—just add a comment below!