New Slides “Become a Sustainability Champion: At Any Career Level” Now Available!

Have you ever felt as if your position on the business ladder hinders you from achieving sustainability within the organization? Or that you cannot voice a green idea because of your career level? If so, we have a new set of slides to show you how you can be a major sustainability force, regardless of your position.

The myth exists that only those in powerful positions can make a change. But the truth is that while change might also need to be enacted by those in higher positions of power, it can only be successful if everyone participates. That means that individuals in middle management and entry level positions are as equally important as CEOs when it comes to greening the organization. This is where the concept of building a green team becomes vital.

Our “Become a Sustainability Champion: At Any Career Level” slides provide a great summary and overview of the complete white paper that can be downloaded here.  Pair the two together and you have a great set of materials to spread the word in your own organization. These slides will help guide you not only in putting a green team together, but how to be a successful team as well. Alongside this concept, you will also learn about communicating sustainability ideas, raising awareness office-wide, making sustainable changes to your daily routine, and rewarding sustainability.

Check out our new slideshare, “Become a Sustainability Champion: At Any Career Level” here to see sustainable ideas and next steps flourish in your organization!