The Importance of a Strong Manufacturer-Consultant Relationship

As manufacturing companies are making the shift towards more sustainable practices, professional consulting companies are finding themselves greening up the manufacturing sector more and more. IDC Manufacturing Insights’ Worldwide Sustainability Services Revisited in Manufacturing webinar discussed preparing consultants out there for what to expect when building strategies for this sector. This webinar in particular examined:

  • The Basis of IDC
  • Insights
  • Sustainability Services (what manufacturers are buying and why)
  • Types of Projects
  • Service Providers
  • Attributes of Successful Engagement
  • Essential Guidance

These last two segments proved to embody a great deal of information beneficial not only to consultants but to manufacturers as well. Speakers, Kimberly Knickle and Cushing Anderson, focused on the importance of a balanced consulting team with impeccable communication skills. Some other attributes they noted in a successful team included competence, efficiency, understanding, and focus.

Another common issue that arises in consulting groups who work with the manufacturing sector is, “pitching with your A team and leading with your B team,” which Anderson addresses in Attributes of Successful Engagement. How to combat this issue from both sides of the consulting relationship? Hire the right fit from the start. However, this does not mean that if you have a black sheep in your consulting team you cannot sub them out for someone more competent.

Successful engagement of both the consultant and the organization also requires that the manufacturer be confident in their decisions. Know what you want and how you want it done. “Feel empowered,” says Anderson. After all, greening up your business can only be done if everyone is working towards the same goal, and knows exactly what this goal is.

Check out a webinar recording of Worldwide Sustainability Services Revisited in Manufacturing to learn more!