If Social Change is Here to Stay What Does That Mean for Your Company?

This great infographic from Walden University demonstrates just how much social change is here to stay.  (Click the infographic to view it larger.)  85% of adults have taken part of a positive social change in the past six months.  These statistics (and more) are the result of Walden University’s recently released 2012 Social Change Impact Report, which was commissioned to assess the impact of social change and to learn more about the individuals engaged in social change.

So what does this mean to companies and today’s work environment?  This sweeping change is getting individuals around the globe to stand up not only for a more socially ethical world, but for an environmentally sustainable world as well. As a result, companies need to pay close attention to related impacts and make sure to provide employees with ways to make a positive social change.  

A recent Environmental Leader article from Guy Vaccaro, “Sustainability and Organizational Development” provides further insight on this topic and what it can mean for employee engagement and retention: "Most employees regard corporate sustainability and social responsibility as personally important. In a global workforce study by Towers Perrin, corporate social responsibility was ranked third out of the top ten items that drive employee engagement."

Just a few small steps can go a long way to getting started, so don’t feel overwhelmed!  We have a wealth of information we are always willing to share on our website in case you aren’t sure where to start.  One great resource employers can use to spur social change in the workplace can be downloaded on our slideshare, “Seven Ways to Save the World from Your Office Cubicle.”  Enjoy!