Walmart’s Jeff Rice Discusses Sustainability and Incentivizing Shift

We came across a recently released and insightful talk given by Walmart’s Director of Sustainability, Jeff Rice.  In his presentation he covered how Walmart has been so successful in their sustainability programs and where they are headed in the not-so-distant future.

Rice discussed that in order to be successful in sustainability you have to take “going green” seriously. In other words, without persistence and dedication your sustainability program will only fizzle out. With a customer base of nearly 200,000,000 individuals making purchases a week, Walmart had the opportunity to make widespread eco-effects. Rice made sure this opportunity was not passed up. Walmart has since been successful in integrating sustainability not only into its practices, but into its products as well.

Three major lessons that Rice has learned along the way included first and foremost, “measuring what matters.” This means finding out what metrics to use when assessing sustainability. Then Rice emphasized integrating sustainability into every aspect of the company’s practices. Lastly Rice iterated how incentives can unlock actions, but only through focused improvement and commitment from the whole team.

Check out some other great points that Jeff Rice had to make in the complete video below: