Curated News for Sustainability Professionals

There is so much good information about sustainability floating through the airwaves that it can be totally overwhelming. Between blogs, webinars, LinkedIn, podcasts, Twitter, and Facebook--not to mention the dozen or so sustainability books that are published each year--sustainability professionals need tools to quickly and effectively separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here's one tool that helps keep the staff at Strategic Sustainability Consulting on the cutting edge (without sucking up a lot of time):, a free online newspaper that will curate stories based on your interests.

Just choose the sources you want to follow (e.g. your Twitter feed, a particular Twitter list, an RSS feed, a Google+ keyword, etc.) and it will automatically generate a newspaper-like edition each day, which is then emailed to you. From there you have even more possibilities with ways to leverage all of this great targeted material … you can set it up to auto-Tweet, embed it in your website, or even share it on Facebook.

Even if you decide not to push out your personalized newspaper, this is still a great tool for quickly staying up-to-date and assessing what people are talking about without having to go through all of the news or social media feeds you might be spending time skimming each day on your own. We have an example ready and waiting for you to take a look!  Check out our Sustainability Consulting Daily and see what you think of our own edition:

If you found this information helpful, you'll love our Social Media for Sustainability Professionals, an 8-week, online and self-guided program that provides everything you need to make the most of social media in 2012.