Elaine Cohen Talks About Meaningful Data and CSR Reports

Thinking about sustainability metrics? Wondering about sustainability software options? Confused about the value of assurance?

Look no further than this brilliant write-up by Elaine Cohen after her participation in the 2012 CSR Data Management Forum:

...an entire day devoted to the cycles of processes involved in pulling together all the relevant  information for sustainability transparency, starting with Data Collection, through Data Evaluation, Assuring the Data, Communicating CSR Data and a closing discussion...on Pulling it all Together.

The Forum was attended by a number of well-known sustainability service providers, and Elaine does a marvelous job of summing up the (often conflicting) points of view, including:

  • Data tracking: Excel vs. Sustainability Software
  • Absolute vs. Normalized Data
  • The Value of Assurance
  • The Future of CSR Infographics

We won't try to summarize the article. Instead we recommend you read it in its entirety. Go on, it's fabulous. And it's certainly got us thinking about sustainability data management!