Corporate Sustainability Trends: An Interactive Tool from MIT

Earlier this spring, MIT released a new interactive tool as part of their third annual 2011 Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study. The study, “garnered more than 4,000 responses from executives and managers of all industries and regions. Analysis of 2,874 respondents from commercial enterprises reveals that a substantial portion of companies are now seeing the need for sustainable business practices — and are deriving financial benefits from these activities.” As a result, the tool allows readers to parse out the data from the latest findings and insights tied to corporate sustainability and innovation.

The study and data collected (which can be read in its entirety here) really are fascinating, but what we love about MIT's new tool is that is allows you to filter the data by company size, industry, profitability, business model, and business case benefit -- like "increased reputation."

Specifically, you can answer the following two questions:

  • Who is making a business case for sustainability?
  • Who is profiting from sustainability?

We won't give away the answers -- but the report has some pretty interesting findings. (Hint: Walmart suppliers take heart: consumer product companies are the most likely to be profiting from their sustainability initiatives!)

You can download the results in a variety of formats -- which makes it great for sustainability practitioners needing to add a chart or two to their next executive presentation. Check out the tool here.