Six Sustainable Supply Chain Conversation Starters

Several months ago we were pointed to the article, “5 Questions to Start the Sustainable Supply Chain Conversation” by Michael Koploy on the supply chain and warehouse management strategies blog. Koploy comments that he feels five conversations, “must occur within supply chain leadership for sustainability to become synonymous with reduced cost, risk mitigation and a socially-responsible business."

Here's a sneak peek:

1. How Can We Better Measure Sustainability?
2. How Can We Instill Sustainability into Our Suppliers?
3. How Can We Design More Sustainable Products?
4. How Can We Avoid Socially-Negligent Suppliers?
5. Who Can We Trust to Drive Sustainability?

We'd add another question -- how do we define sustainability within the context of our organization? In fact, we think that's the most important place to start -- it's hard to know how to measure or improve something you haven't defined. In 2011, our sustainability report focused on the idea of "context" -- or looking beyond normal corporate sustainability indicators to the outcomes and implications of our activities throughout the year. It's a topic that we've written about before, see:

Interested in seeing how sustainability context actually played out in our report? Download and read our entire 2011 sustainability report.

Koploy’s article is worth reading in its entirety, especially if you are considering how to best integrate and embed sustainability into the fabric of your corporate culture and day-to-day decision-making processes. Once you have, let us know what you think! Leave a comment or join the conversation with SSC President Jennifer Woofter on Twitter (@jenniferwoofter).