New Slides “Seven Ways to Save the World from Your Office Cubicle” Now Available!

At times the concept of going green can seem like a daunting task, yet following through with a few simple changes can have a dramatic affect in the environment. Sure you have heard about the power of recycling your plastic bottles and other cardinal rules along that line, but do you know the facts?

For instance, here is a quick fact that’s easy to digest: Have you considered that by simply bringing your lunch in to work using environmentally friendly containers instead of buying fast food you are saving the environment from toxic packaging wastes? To top it off … in doing so you will save yourself thousands every year in both dollars and calories. You can save almost $2,000 annually by bringing in your lunch instead of buying it!

How about some paper facts for processing?  Approximately 749 pounds of paper are used annually, that’s per PERSON in the United States!  We throw away enough office and writing paper annually to build a wall of memos 12 feet high, from LA to NYC.

Have you thought about recycling your e-waste? Or investing in eco-friendly furniture? Few do! And not only will making changes like these save your office money, but increase efficiency as well. The possibilities for greening up your office space are endless, but the suggestions in this past SSC webinar - that we have now condensed into a self-paced handy slideshow - are a great place to start! By learning the facts, saving the world from your office is not such a daunting task after all.

Check out our new slideshare, "Seven Ways to Save the World from Your Office Cubicle" here!