New Slides “Sustainable Manufacturing” Now Available!

In today’s progressive manufacturing world, staying in the game means staying sustainable.  Consumers are learning the impacts that the manufacturing industry can have on the environment.  With that in mind, they are choosing those companies who focus on sustainability.  But consumers are not the only audience that manufacturers have to worry about.  Stakeholders and retailers are also seeking out sustainable manufacturers.

With today’s business challenges how are manufacturing facilities supposed to concern themselves with sustainability issues, let alone, make them a paramount concern? It might not be the daunting task initially pictured.  In fact, there are many ways that manufacturers can change their daily routines in order to make their company just a bit greener … helping manufacturers make great strides forward though simple first steps.

Our “Sustainable Manufacturing: Comparing Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Manufacturing” slides provide a great summary and overview of the complete white paper that can be downloaded here.  Pair the two together and you have a great set of materials to spread the word in your own organization.  These slides provide information on Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management and take a closer look at environmental and social decision making as part of a manufacturing organization’s sustainable strategy.  You’ll also learn how sustainability can improve manufacturing operations; explore Lean, Six Sigma, and TQM comparisons; and get a great overview of the philosophy, history, pros and cons, and some practical examples of sustainable manufacturing.

In being an eco-friendly manufacturer, you will allow your company to remain in the game and on top of the competition!  Check out our new slideshare, "Sustainable Manufacturing: Comparing Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Manufacturing" here!