How to Serve up a Sustainable Meal

Arthur Potts Dawson, a chef, shares his vision on creating a sustainable restaurant through the many different sustainable choices he made in the build out and operations of his restaurant.  He takes a comprehensive approach to reducing the use of space, energy and waste by making some interesting and useful choices in the products and processes found in his restaurant.  

About the Speaker: Arthur Potts Dawson wants us to take responsibility not just for the food we eat, but how we shop for and even dispose of it. And he's showing the way -- with impeccable taste.

About the Talk: If you've been in a restaurant kitchen, you've seen how much food, water and energy can be wasted there. Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his very personal vision for drastically reducing restaurant, and supermarket, waste -- creating recycling, composting, sustainable engines for good (and good food).

Can't see the video embedded above? Check out the video on Ted Talks. 

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