New Slideshare "Green Retrofitting 101" Now Available!

The time has come for businesses around the globe to step up to the plate and join the green market. Otherwise, they will easily be left behind by their competition that makes eco-friendly initiatives part of their bottom line. Indeed green retrofitting can seem quite daunting to companies, but this SlideShare will break down the process into a set of achievable goals.

For example, assessing the energy efficiency of your organization can seem like too big of a task to complete in a reasonable amount of time. But as it is explained in Green Retrofitting 101, it can be segmented into workable categories such as examining lighting, appliances, windows, and insulation. And to take it one step further, a company can study each of these areas down to the types of light bulbs or brands of appliances.

This SlideShare also warns you of potential challenges to prepare for when implementing a large scale change to your business, as well as ways to prepare that can help the retrofit be smooth sailing.

Don’t let greening up your organization become an unattainable goal- download Green Retrofitting 101 and join the eco-friendly market!

Have questions about how Green Retrofitting can work for your business?  Drop us a line and we'd be happy to share our thoughts with you!