Congrats Blekinge Institute of Technology Graduates: Strategically Driving GRI Reporting Towards Sustainability


Congratulations to Edwin Janssen, Selene Kfoury, and Rutger Verkouw for their recent completion of “Mind the Gap! Strategically Driving DRI Reporting Towards Sustainability!” These graduates of the Blekinge Institute of Technology focused on discovering how the GRI reporting process and other modes of sustainability preparation could be united with an “Integrated Process” in their thesis. And here at SSC we are proud to say that we aided them along the way through the “Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability” program!

The following is a short description provided by the institute on their findings:

“Sustainability reporting is a vital tool to communicate an organization’s sustainability performance to stakeholders. Sustainability reporting also allows an organization to communicate its vision, goals and strategic plans. In order to be strategic towards sustainability, an organization should have a vision of where it wants to go, and assess where it is today, so as to take the right initiatives towards its vision. This thesis focuses on how GRI sustainability reporting and strategic planning towards sustainability can be combined in an integrated process to help organizations move towards sustainability. The Integrated Process allows an organization to gain a better understanding of its sustainability context; design resilient strategies in light of that context using a back casting from Sustainability Principles approach; and report its sustainability performance and progress in bridging the gap towards sustainability, transparently to internal and external stakeholders.”

To read the entire report, click here!