Life Cycle Analysis Put to the Test: Real World Examples of Product Sustainability


In a webinar hosted by 2degrees, both Alex Hardwick of PE International and Nicholas Avery of Tata Steel gave personal testimony for how LCA has driven their different products’ sustainability. The webinar, How Life Cycle Assessment Underpins Product Sustainability, can be accessed on the 2degrees site in case you missed it!

Alex Hardwick opened the session by describing how LCA has positively affected his business. He claims that, “LCA can be a lens to assess your whole supply chain.” The LCA has underpinned product sustainability at PE International through reporting and EPDs, identifying energy hotspots, sustainable product design, decision making support, real time information, engaging the supply chain, identifying resource hotspots, and differentiating products with marketing. Hardwick also claims, “The LCA aims to avoid shifting burdens to other parts of the life cycle.”

The majority of the presentation was led by Nicholas Avery who gave an in depth explanation of how Tata Steel and Target Zero have made an ace team in the realm of sustainability. Together, they demonstrated how to achieve zero carbon emission buildings. Their splay of buildings included a school, a warehouse, a supermarket, an office, and a mix use building. The first consideration was alternative constructional forms. Starting here they were able to build a roadmap for other companies to follow in order to achieve zero emission buildings. The next step was to breakdown embodied carbon by building element. For example, they examined the foundation, upper floors, walls, roof, and drainage all as separate entities. In the process of assessing these aspects of the life cycle, Tata Steel was able to pinpoint where their biggest hot spots were.

Want to learn more about this webinar? Check out the free video here!