Sneak Peek into Sustainability Careers Primer

We’ve been busy networking with our B Corporation comrades and wanted to share from a recent connection we made. As part of the community since early 2011, we can tell you from experience that it’s an amazing bunch of companies with outstanding commitments to sustainability and corporate citizenship. We recently got the chance to chat with Dr. Mrim Boutla, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of More Than Money Careers (MTM) in Bethesda, MD and we think they are really going to be a great addition to the B Corp network!  Dr. Mrim co-founded MTM Careers in partnership with Dr. Mark Albion, former Harvard Business School Professor and co-founder of Net Impact.  Dr. Mark is based in Boston, MA.

When speaking with Dr. Mrim there was a lot of synergy around training and all of the many options out there today when it comes to sustainability and careers.  MTM Careers is actually a career development company that provides online products to help students and alums, fellowship participants and professionals "Get Clear, Get Connected and Get Hired" for well-paying social-impact opportunities that match their values.  They have a wide variety of training options and we even got to test drive some of their top modules. 

Their free access Sustainability Careers Primer is a great starting point that provides a bird’s eye view of what they have to offer as well as clearing up some confusion around sustainability careers and provide resources for emerging leaders to explore sustainability career options beyond CSR jobs. In a quick 10 minutes you get a clear snapshot of the sustainability careers available across sectors as well as resources out there to leverage.  It was designed to help current and aspiring sustainability professionals get a better understanding of the field and then make better decisions on how to move from intention to action as they consider which jobs to compete for.  We especially liked the goal to make sure we are all on the same page in defining the “field” and how to get navigating it.

But we also got to go behind the scenes and check out their complete Career Modules set that’s available to MTM members.  They have organized the program into 12 multimedia career modules:

Get Clear

  • What's Out There (Career Opportunities Map)
  • Passions At Work (Passions Mosaic)
  • Choosing Your Function (Re-interpreting CareerLeader & SkillScan results in the context of mission-driven careers)
  • Choosing Your Sector (Career Significance Navigator)

Get Connected

  • Research & Networking Pitch
  • Using LinkedIn to identify employers and career opportunities before they are advertised on job boards
  • Leveraging twitter to identify career opportunities before they are advertised on job boards
  • Values-Driven Conferences

Get Hired

  • Specialized Job Boards
  • Tailoring Your Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Converting Applications into Interviews
  • Values-Driven Interviews

We really enjoyed the career opportunities map that includes real people as examples to take a look at; the career assessment suggestions so that you can better gauge where you want to focus; and the career significance navigator that helps you to hone in on choosing the sector you want to support.  The Get Connected modules gets into some hands on exercises from what you’ve learned so far and start mapping out feasible next steps using tools like the Employer Tracker. Lastly, the Get Hired modules gets into the specifics of resume writing and interviewing where we especially liked the discussion on different job boards that details specific one’s to visit depending on the sector … in a handy, linkable grid!  

These modules are a great starting place when you are venturing out into the wild and wonderful world of sustainability.  We are looking forward to seeing what MTM develops next!  Share your thoughts or questions directly with Dr. Mrim Boutla on Twitter @mtmcareers.