2013 Comprehensive Edition of the SSC Green Team Toolkit Now Available

Going green means more than just implementing a recycling program or organizing a carpool. For an organization to truly embrace the ideals of workplace sustainability, the values inherent in any green action must match the cultural values of the organization.

Just like an individual, an organization has its own set of cultural characteristics that define it. Some organizations are innovative; some are traditional. Some organizations are “young,” and some are “risk takers”. There are many different ways to define an organization’s culture, but the important thing to remember is that any new initiative introduced must mesh with the cultural values of the workplace, or the new program will fail. Studies have shown that organizational culture is primarily created through the actions of the executive leadership team. New initiatives must be fully supported— through words and actions—by top management to create lasting change. Only with this full support will a new program have a strong effect.

Once the leadership team has committed to supporting a new idea, the next step to ensure program success is to “develop the idea from within.” Specifically, bring together a team of employees from all levels and departments of the organization to help guide program direction and activities. Employees connected to the day-to-day operations of the workplace are perfectly suited to create programs that will resonate with their co-workers and bring lasting change. Although it sounds simple, the creation of an effective green team, or any new team, can be quite challenging.

We’ve developed a revamped toolkit specifically designed to help navigate these decisions and form a clear path forward.  The new Green Team Toolkit incorporates tips and tools for teams at all stages, and offers guidance to leadership in effective integration and management.  Although each section is written to a specific audience, the guide can, and should, be shared with everyone on the green team. 

The 2013 Comprehensive Edition of our toolkit includes:

  • A 53-page guide to creating an effective green team
  • Sections on expectations for executive leadership, strategies to get started, responsibilities of the green team, becoming a high-performing team, internal consulting, and more
  • New sections on working with resistance and implementing successful communication strategies
  • Templates including memos to get your CEO on board, materials to help recruit green team members, sample policies, memos to spread the word and generate enthusiasm among the rest of the staff, and more
  • Spreadsheets and tools for creating a timeline, budget, and performance measures

Learn more about our toolkit today and get started with your green team!

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