6 Reasons Your Sustainability Innovation is Failing

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Jennifer Woofter, President of SSC, recently wrote an article for Environmental Leader.  Environmental Leader is the leading daily trade publication keeping corporate executives fully informed about energy, environmental, and sustainability news. Jennifer's article, posted on April 2nd, asks why innovation is not getting us closer to global sustainability.

Jennifer has been following Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations, a Coursera course by David A. Owens of Vanderbilt University, and highlighted the six points he made regarding common innovation hurdles

  1. Individuals Don't Have the Mindset
  2. The Group's Culture Doesn't Support Risk
  3. Your Organization Isn't Structured to Move Ideas through to Production
  4. The Market Doesn't See Value in Your Innovation
  5. Society Doesn't Accept Your Idea as Legitimate
  6. The Technology Isn't There

Here is a short summary of Jennifer’s suggestions on how a company/organization can better reach its sustainability goals:

If you are an individual employee with a great sustainability idea, it can be helpful  to preemptively identify where you are likely to hit a roadblock within your company.  

If you are an organization, make sure you create an atmosphere that embraces risk (or at least enjoys exploring bold ideas), as well as delineates a clear path to help get those bold ideas into practice.

To be successful, everyone should take the time to understand their stakeholder preferences.

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