Stoneyfield Makes Strides in Their Carbon Footprint Journey


We had the opportunity to attend the “Stoneyfield’s Enterprise Product Carbon Footprint Journeywebinar. Stoneyfield was founded in 1983 with an environmental vision from the start, making yogurt to show the world that organic ingredients really are best for you. The webinar featured Stoneyfield’s “Carbon Master” Mary Fischer.

Before tracking their carbon footprint, Stoneyfield started by using third-party eco-audits. But with the new millennium they decided to take a more in depth approach. When initially looking at the company’s sustainability, Mary Fischer uses the SAP model which breaks products down into their specific required resources. Then, building off of this tool, Fischer evaluates greenhouse gas emissions, the product’s end of life, energy use, and logistics. To collect the data for this tool, one follows these simple steps:

  • Danone Supplied Training
  • Data Collection
  • Data Upload
  • Tests and Gap Analysis
  • Develop a Work Flow Tool
  • Train Staff
  • “Go Live”

Fischer comments on this process stating, “Data quality is more important than having a piece of data to go with an item to fill in a space.” This translates to only using data which is accurate and reflective of reality. In other words, get rid of the fluff!

Fischer hopes that Stoneyfield can lead other countries toward sustainability in the future not only through their carbon footprint tracking models, but also through water footprint tracking.

To check out some of Fischer’s other tips, as well as hear about Stoneyfield’s Lessons Learned, click here!

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