3 Sustainability Stories We're Reading This Week

At Strategic Sustainability Consulting, we're constantly collecting and curating sustainability news stories. At any given time, we have 100-200 stories in our Evernote folder. The best ones get turned into blog entries here, with others going out to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn stream. Occasionally, though, there are just too many great articles to share individually. That's when we turn to the time-tested "round-up" blog. That time has come again, so here are some of the best stories we're reading this week:

”What If You Could Truly Be Yourself at Work?” by Tony Schwartz (Harvard Business Review) - "Increasingly, however, the everyday experience of corporate life can be overwhelming in and of itself. In addition to whatever stresses we bring from home, including not getting sufficient sleep, we're deluged with email, running from meeting to meeting, skipping meals, and working longer and more continuous hours than ever. Is it any surprise we're struggling? Worse yet, in most workplaces the unspoken expectation is that we will check any strong emotions we're feeling at the door."

”6 tips for escaping the matrix cage – and maximizing materiality” by David Korngold (GreenBiz.com) - "Unfortunately, it can be easy for the materiality matrix to become a cage—a lockbox for good intentions that never see the light of day. One company might spend a lot of time developing the matrix, but never do anything with it. Another might rush to put the matrix on paper but fail to use the process to obtain valuable input and commitments. Yet another might fill out the two axes and then discard them because the output does not address other dimensions of concern."

“3 guideposts for assembling a sustainability report” by Cora Lee Moony (GreenBiz.com) - "How do you know whether [sustainability reporting] will be worth it? It depends upon how much thought is given to materiality. The care and attention given to materiality is a key difference between a first report that is ultimately viewed as an expense, and one with tangible returns."

What are you guys reading this week? Leave us a comment here, or join the conversation on Twitter (@jenniferwoofter).