New Slideshare “Every Last Drop: Water and Sustainable Business” Now Available!

While populations around the globe are booming, the availability of freshwater is plummeting. These two factors simply cannot coincide harmoniously. As a result, companies are reevaluating the way that freshwater is used in their business to conserve the one percent of freshwater that remains on the earth’s surface today.

Every Last Drop confronts the growing water scarcity issue by presenting figures that bring the current water situation into a clearer light. This slide deck is important for any organization, small or large, as water scarcity will inevitably affect your company either directly or indirectly.

Indeed there are quick fixes to conserve water, like switching to low flow toilets or censored faucets, but some changes are more complex.  One must consider the fact that water is used at every step of your company’s supply chain. Every Last Drop examines superficial and embedded water use, allowing you to see where you can conserve holistically. As well as this, it examines usage from both residential and industrial perspectives to find a strategy tailored to fit your needs!

Download “Every Last Drop: Water and Sustainable Business here!