Celebrate "B the Change Employee Engagement Week"!


Please join the B Corp Community this week and celebrate the ones you love by holding a company meeting to share why being a B Corp is good for the team, good for your company, and good for the world. If you currently are a B Corp, visit the B the Change section of the B Corp Resources Portal for tools to help you host your company event.

You're not a B Corp yet?  Now is a great time to join other companies and use business as a force for good!  Learn more about becoming a B Corp here.

If you've already hosted a company-wide meeting, maybe it's time for a B Corp Hack Day (like the one Etsy held) or a movie screening of one of the films below.

Not Business as Usual - created by B Corp institute B and featuring B CorpsLuna Pads, Fairware Promotional Products, and Renewal Funds

Real Value - featuring B Corps Piedmont Biofuels, TS Designs, and The Redwoods Group.

Want to know why we became a B Corp?  Drop us a note and we'll tell you all about it!