New slideshare "Sustainability Change Management: We've Had the Green Audit, Now What?" Now Available!

Obtaining a green audit for your organization is a great step in a sustainable direction. But often  a company finds that moving beyond this point is difficult. Identifying a specific route to take can be challenging with so many options of change available. But have no fear...this Slideshare will allow you to review your audit, and use it to propel you forward. It prepares you for both the pros and cons of change so that you can easily overcome obstacles when they arise.

The steps that Sustainability Change Management lays out are geared for both formal and informal leaders, who are ready to involve their employee base beyond just their green team.  While getting a team rallied behind sustainable initiatives is not a simple task, it is a feasible one when leaders are aware of how to educate their peers, communicate plans, and positively address resistance to their efforts.

Another often neglected but important step in managing change is rewarding good behavior. This Slideshare brings this element to the forefront and examines how to successfully reward employees.  Even simple recognition can give your employees a major boost.

If you have more questions or thoughts after reading our Slideshare on Sustainability Change Management, contact us and we'd love to hear what you have to say!