SSC's Supply Chain Gets a Bit Greener

Back in February, we did a little investigation into our key suppliers and found that one of our favorite service providers, Dropbox, didn't have any green or sustainable initiatives (or weren't willing to talk about them). Here's what we said then:

"Of course, there are always a few weak spots in a sustainable supply chain initiative--and we're no exception. We use Dropbox for file storage and back-up. When we contacted Dropbox staff for information about their sustainability initiatives, we got a note back that said, "Unfortunately, Dropbox doesn't currently have any public information on our sustainability goals." Boo."

But today we were delighted to see some pretty cool news about Dropbox:

"[Dropbox's] new San Francisco office, which is LEED Platinum certified, will feature a solar energy system designed by UGE, a global distributed renewable energy company. The 25.2 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic system will supply enough energy to offset the electricity used in the six-story building designed by William McDonough Partners. The PV system will feature 84 300-watt solar panels."

Nice work, Dropbox!