OPINION: Turn Your Outrage Over BP's Oil Leak Into Action

Dispatch from SSC Consultant Network, Mirele Goldsmith

We’ve been thinking about the BP oil spill and so has Mirele Goldsmith, one of the members of the SSC Consultant Network and SSC Certified Green Auditor. She published this call to action on her own blog and graciously allowed us to republish it here. Thanks Mirele!!

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NEWS: America’s Response to Climate Change: All the Proof You’ll Need!

Confused about climate change? (Or is it “global warming”?) Having trouble explaining to others why the threat of climate change is real? Check out the following for a clearer picture and compelling proof!

A recent conference titled “Land of Opportunity: The American Response to Climate Change” held in Tupper Lake, New York focused on generating solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. One solution involves policy development specifically for creating negative or no-cost abatement (GHG reduction) solutions for two leading emissions-producing sectors: buildings and appliances, and power generation. Participants also drew upon the highly regarded McKinsey & Company report “Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How Much at What Cost?” McKinsey served as a Knowledge Partner to the conference.

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Book Review: "Climate Change: What’s Your Business Strategy?" by Andrew J. Hoffman and John G. Woody

From the Memo to the CEO Harvard Business series comes Andrew J. Hoffman and John G. Woody latest release, Climate Change: What’s Your Business Strategy? Written to persuade even the “non-believer,” this book packs a powerful message: True or not, climate change as a business issue could make or break your business. Hoffman and Woody deliver three no-nonsense steps for creating a strategy that will prepare companies for action in a shifting market in light of climate change.
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