NEWS: Winning Sustainability Strategies – A Round-Up of Recent Reports

Recent studies show that remote conferencing is the number one strategy for greening businesses, and that programs are much more successful when organizations put a single person in charge of sustainability efforts.

In a survey by InterCall, a conferencing solutions firm, two-thirds of the 900 employees surveyed said their companies use remote conferencing to avoid business travel and reduce the size of their carbon footprint, beating out recycling and working with greener suppliers.

Telephone conferencing is the most popular, according to the survey, with 75% of companies relying on conference calls to get the job done. But web and video technologies have improved drastically in recent years, and 63% of respondents say that they meet via the internet, while half use videoconferencing on a regular basis.

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Views: ASSURE VIEW – The CSR Assurance Statement Report (2008) By

Do SMEs need to have their sustainability reports independently assured?

According to the CSR Assurance Statement Report the answer at this point in time is no. Generally assurance is more often needed for large companies and those in the public eye; a CSR report with assurance helps build a business’ trust and integrity. As stated by the director of The Reassurance Network, a specialist consultancy:

This is about trust. CSR reports aim to build trust, whether to attract ethical investment, to motivate and engage employees or to reassure customers. Trust comes from combination of performance and communication. So a responsible company needs to accurately communicate its strategy, policies, and impacts in order to be accountable (and gain trust).

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