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Is the SSC Consultant Network more of a referral or a subcontractor network?

Our network is a flexible model that allows us to approach each project differently, depending on a variety of circumstances. In many cases, we will take the lead on a project and seek consultants to join our team as subcontractors. In that case, we pay you directly as an independent contractor, based on a fee that you work out directly with SSC. We maintain control over the project and you report to us for the project duration.

In some situations, we provide clients with referrals to members of the SSC Consultant Network who we believe to be good fits for the project. We try to provide 2-3 referrals and let the client make the final decision based on their own process. In that case, we do not expect any referral fee from members of the SSC Consultant Network if/when they get the job.

Occasionally, we are asked by clients to promote their project to our entire network. In that case, we will send out an email blast to all 600+ members of the SSC Consultant Network. If you feel like it’s a good fit, you are encouraged to contact the client directly. Again, we do not expect a referral fee.

(There may be a time when we seek out an arrangement that is different than the three typical situations above, but that is rare.) In general, we always provide details on how the engagement is expected to work at the time we reach out (either directly to you, or via an email blast).