Sustainability Through the Value Chain

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Greening an entire value chain within a company can seem like an overwhelming task. Furthermore, not all companies have the resources to engage in a full-scale greening of their supply chain.  For the small- and medium-sized companies, a targeted approach may be a more feasible option.  By choosing one specific product, a company can more easily determine the environmental impacts of that one product and engage in actionable steps to reduce its footprint.  It’s important to prioritize where you can make the most impact and start with focused and more attainable goals to get going. This white paper takes a look at the process of greening a company’s value chain, but through a smaller, more manageable scope: making a single product’s supply chain more sustainable.  It covers:

  • Greening Your Product’s Value Chain
  • The Life Cycle Assessment
  • Opportunities for Operational Changes
  • Standards and Measurements
  • Implementation in Supply Chain Management
  • Operational Advantages and Challenges
  • Next Steps and the Future of Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

(20 pages)

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