Choosing Sustainability Management Software for Your Business

A Guide for Small and Mid-Size Organizations

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This guide has been designed to help you answer questions related to sustainability management software. Would you use a spreadsheet to track your corporate finances? To monitor your inventory? To log all of your personnel data? The old saying goes “If it is important, you must manage it; if you want to manage it, you must measure it”, but too many companies today use spreadsheets to track their environmental impacts. 

This guide provides information on:

  • Deciding whether you need sustainability management software
  • Creating a short-list of vendors
  • Determining budget and implementation costs
  • Identifying the capabilities you really need in a software platform
  • Understanding who will be using the software, and what kind of training they need
  • Establishing the right technical support requirements
  • Preparing for third-party audits 

(26 pages)

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