Cut the Wrap! Packaging Waste and Strategies for Mitigation and Reduction

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Packaging waste is an issue that affects almost all businesses, from food and beverage to electronics. Unfortunately most of the materials used in packaging is discarded in ever-growing landfills or burnt, causing severe pollution. In fact, containers and packaging contribute the most to total municipal solid waste. Although packaging can be an unavoidable element to your organization, there are ways that you can reduce your harmful contributions to waste and improve your organization’s overall sustainability. This paper explores the various ways businesses can reduce or even eliminate their packaging waste, make smarter and more sustainable packaging choices, and utilize packaging alternatives.

This paper provides:

  • An overview of the current packaging industry
  • A breakdown of the negative impacts of packaging and the positive environmental outcomes of reduction
  • Detailed strategies that can impact all aspects of production
  • Examples of success stories from businesses of all sizes from around the world

Not only will these choices reduce the strain on resources needed to produce packaging and reduce the overall social costs of additional waste and pollution, but they will also reconfigure your business to be more cost-efficient and sustainable. This paper shows you just how simple and effective reducing your packaging waste could be!

(30 pages)

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