Green Retrofitting 101

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The green building label is not reserved for only new buildings; it is just as plausible to turn the millions of existing buildings into environmentally friendly structures. Green buildings are proven to reduce water and energy use and costs, create greater worker productivity and satisfaction, improved brand image, and better community relations. Renovations to a building include improving energy efficiency, improving the heating and cooling system, creating a more sustainable site, improving water efficiency, installing renewable energy, and using eco-friendly materials. There are many projects that can be completed on a smaller budget, while others require a larger commitment. Even though there tends to be a high upfront cost, the average return on investment for a green retrofit is two to five years and there are substantial incentives that can reduce on the initial cost.

The paper provides information on:

  • The appeal of green buildings
  • The challenge of retrofitting
  • The retrofitting process
  • Intro to LEED
  • Incentives and ROI for green retrofitting

(27 pages)

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